1. Margaret and Baker Nathan. One of the creepier photos I’ve ever taken. 


  2. "Men’s dress up shirts are like sports bras, like I look fit but it’s all lies.” - Julien


  3. Aaron, home.


  4. M and B, Manassas.


  5. “My grandmother, she lived in southern Virginia, she had eleven children. Eleven children! Times was tough back then, especially when you had to feed eleven children. She baked a mess of biscuits three times a day. Four of them never moved away, probably because of those biscuits.”


  6. Justin, Fairfax.


  7. Chef Bekka, Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream.


  8. Finnegan, Armstrong house.


  9. Bates. Tilghman’s Island, MD. 


  10. Unknown couple kissing in walkway tunnel, Silver Spring, MD.